CIPFA Governance


Here we go again. Another shiny new website launched in the public sector, this time for the CIPFA Governance Network  (external link). Another table-based, inaccessible, doctype-less, javascript-dependent, tag-soup of a site.

They claim:

"the public expect more from those who govern in terms of standards, behaviour and outcomes."

Hmm. So long as those aren't web standards I guess the public will be much happier now.

New professionalism  (external link)? Nah, same old comfortable amateurism.


Maybe you should tell Joe Clark, so he can add it to his Failed Redesigns collection ;-P

Posted by: Blair Millen at February 2, 2006 9:03 PM

Mmmm, well you've spurred me into some action at least, namely getting technorati tags sorted for the site. And guess what this has been tagged with... :O)

Posted by: Dan at February 2, 2006 9:28 PM

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