Off to Zanzibar to meet the Zanzibarbarians

I'm in need of enlightenment. How would one start with a defined need, say for an online marketplace for suppliers to government and buyers in government to connect with each other, and end up with Zanzibar (external link)?

I know it's Tuesday, so we were about due another website which rides roughshod over the government's own guidelines for producing websites, but this one's a bit more curious and has me puzzled.

Technically it's absolute shite. Table-based layout, no doctype, spacer.gif in abundance, terrible CSS, no headings. It's the brochure site of your favourite local firm of solicitors circa 1999.

No surprises there then, but the sites of Managed Services(external link) and OGC Buying Solutions(external link), the two apparent partners in Zanzibar, are not too shabby at all, and curiously identical.

So why as A key part of the Government's procurement strategy is Zanzibar quite so awful? And why is it called Zanzibar? And why is the domain instead of I think we should be told.

A bonus point to anyone who can name the classic film the title of this post comes from (without cheating!).


Muppet Treasure Island?

Sorry, I cheated... ;-P

Posted by: Blair Millen at February 21, 2006 10:14 PM

I'm disappointed in you Mr Millen, it's a classic no self-respecting film-lover should miss.

Along with Muppet Christmas Carol it would certainly be in my top 20 all-time movies, even after seeing them dozens of times (my step-daughter loves them). Avoid Muppets in Space though, it's not their best work.

Posted by: Dan at February 23, 2006 9:19 PM

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