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A few weeks ago Jack Pickard came up with a fun and interesting idea: an Alternative Christmas Message BlogSwap. You can read a fuller explanation on Jack's site, but in short the participants each post an alternative Christmas message on another participant's blog. This year I will be posting Mike Cherim's message here (keep reading), mine will go on Stephen Lang's blog (external link), Jack's will be posted on Mike's blog (external link), and Stephen's message will be posted on Jack's (external link). Should be fun and interesting. Over to Mike:

Mike Cherim's Alternative Christmas Message

A Christmas message should be a simple thing to write, but not if one has writer's block. With writer's block the simplest written works can be challenging. Sure I could tell a related story, describe a childhood Christmas, or even tell you, dear reader, that I would like to see the spirit of the holiday last all year long resulting in world peace. But I'm not. I decided instead to share with you a few little known quotes from some of history's greatest people.

"Ask not what you'll get from Santa; ask if Santa really wants cookies and milk." -- Kennedy to his kids

"I will gladly repay you Tuesday for a Humbug today." -- Wimpy to Popeye

"You just drank the most egg-nog I have ever seen anyone drink, man" -- Chong to Cheech

"Who left the Christmas tree candles on? The wax bill is killing me!" -- Edison grumbling to himself

"One small gift for her, one giant credit card bill for me." -- Armstrong about diamond for Missus

"If I had only known, I would have been an elf." -- Einstein during frustrated moment

"You're gonna need a bigger sled." -- Brody to Santa, looking at bag of toys

"What the hell is Christmas anyway?" -- Overheard from Kwanzaa partygoer

"I'm dreaming of a green Christmas..." -- Eskimo song

"The evidence has spoken: there is no Santa Claus." -- Grissom from CSI

"You think you can catch Santa Claus?" -- Verbal from Usual Suspects

"I am not a reindeer" -- Nixon to the press

"All we are saying is give fruit cake a chance." -- John Lennon sings

"The cookies were eaten, in the library, with a spoon." -- Clue player to friends

"It's beginning to look a lot like profits..." -- Large retailer singing to shareholders

And last but not least...

"The power of Christmas is in its universality. Presents for everyone regardless of income is an essential aspect.?" -- Tim Ho-Ho-Ho Berners-Lee

I have to stop with this else my mind will explode and that'll make a mess, do feel free to add a few quotes of your own.

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