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Inspired by Northshore (external link), and the purchase of a digital camera I can carry just about anywhere (unlike my Sony DSC-717), from 1st January 2007 I'm going to be taking one photo a day and posting it to Flickr, with a thumbnail here somewhere.

It means two things - I'll need to do some redecorating here, which is no bad thing, and you'll probably be subjected to many pictures of Alloa, which may not be such a good thing. I'll do my best to keep it interesting, but sometimes life just ain't that way, is it?

Anyone else fancy taking up the challenge?


If I ever get that mobile phone with a good camera I keep promising myself then yes, I probably would attempt this.

Posted by: Karl at December 23, 2006 5:17 PM

OK, I'll bite. I will take the photo-a-day challange starting January 1st. It ought to be interesting.

Posted by: David Zemens at December 24, 2006 4:01 AM

Excellent, I'll keep an eye out for them. I may setup a Flickr group for this, but there are a few there already on a similar theme and most seem to peter out quite quickly. So we'll see just how committed we all are. :-)

Posted by: Dan at December 24, 2006 12:54 PM

If you're taking one a day, you might do better using BlipFoto than Flickr.

Posted by: duncan at January 4, 2007 10:28 AM

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