Top 10 Wii Complaints

With the imminent arrival of my Wii, hopefully next Friday or Saturday, I've been doing a bit of reading to see what the buzz is like in the US and Japan where they already have their hands on the console. Apart from a shitload of videos on YouTube (head straight for the Top 20 Wii videos (external link) at Wii Wii to see the cream of the crop) I also came across this article at 1Up:

Top 10 Nintendo Wii Complaints (external link)

Thankfully there's little to worry about. A few of the complaints, like lack of online content, are just symptoms of being an early adopter, others, like 20 hour battery life for the Wiimote, no concern at all if like me you've already got a bundle of rechargeable AAs. In fact the only vaguely serious complaint is that the Wii is not region-free, which is a real shame given Nintendo's history of being somewhat obtuse when it comes to regional games releases.

Even if you feel a bit miffed after reading the list, check out the PS3 list (external link) to see what you're missing out on for not parting with those extra $$$.


So, has your wrist-strap broken through over-use yet? *nudge nudge, say no more*

I've heard Nintendo are to Wiiplace any Wiistraps that get broken with a stronger one...

personally I think not letting go of your controller so it doesn't hurtle across the room is quite a key thing to remember anyway...

Posted by: JackP at December 17, 2006 11:56 PM

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