Tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh for BarCampScotland (external link) the first ever BarCamp to be held in Scotland. It's also my first BarCamp, so I've had a read through the rules (external link) and some tips on what to expect (external link) but I'm still excited by how unknown it all is to me.

The event's wiki has some names familiar to me - Blair (external link) should be there, Tessa Darley (who is forever a star in my eyes, if only because her dad sent me some horseradish roots to plant last year), and John Sutherland (external link), one of the organisers of Refresh Edinburgh (external link).

Haven't decided what I'll talk about yet - probably Revish (external link), but other possibilities are where we're headed with accessibility (Isofarro has sparked a much needed debate (external link) which might be worth pursuing), setting up a company (I'm going through this right now, and many of the basic things that need doing are news to me), or maybe curing and smoking bacon.


hi dan, good to meet you at barcamp. i'm the fella from civic :) didnt get to hang around to hear your talk, we were moving house on the sunday and i had to get on with packing. we've just had a baby as well so we seem to have twice as many things as before! anyway, was great to meet you, hopefully chat to you some more sometime. cheers.

Posted by: Dave Saunders at March 5, 2007 11:35 AM

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