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February 29, 2008

SPiN Annual Conference - 24th April 2008

@ 11:08 AM

The SPiN Annual Conference takes place on the 24th April this year at the British Library Conference Centre in London (looks like a fantastic venue). Titled "Hitting the spot - engaging with your customers", I've got a short slot at the conference to talk about the Public Sector Web Management Group, its aims and activities.

This will be the last SPiN conference since the organisation is winding down this year. I've worked in and around UK government for over 14 years now, mostly in information roles, and SPiN have been a constant through that time. It is testament to their awareness that the decision to wind down has been taken now, and absolutely fantastic that they are actively seeking to promote new organisations like the PSWMG and SOCITM who can continue to represent the interests of SPiN members.

Looks like a fine line-up, you can register at the SOCITM website.

Leggili - leggi, recensisci, condividi

@ 10:20 AM

It doesn't take a genius to join the dots to work out what Leggili is. Then again if I'd stumbled across it by accident I'd have no idea, not understanding much more than a word of Italian. Thankfully I'm working with the very clever and nice people at Libreria Ledi who do.

So if you read, speak Italian and like books, please sign up for the Leggili newsletter.