betMooch Euro 2008 fantasy footy

Even though none of the home countries feature in the european championships the anticipation is growing around these parts for what should be a cracking tournament. With so many top europeans playing in the english premiership there will still be plenty of home interest, and the inevitable Spanish under-achievement will remind us why it's maybe just as well England aren't there.

It's also going to be fun because we've just launched betMooch Euro 2008 Fantasy Footy. Sadly I can't actually claim any of the credit - it's almost all Cole's work and he's done a great job.

If you fancy putting together the ultimate team for the tournament head over to the website at

Entry to the game is free and once registered you can set up your own custom leagues to pit your wits against friends, family, colleagues and arch-nemesi (sp?). There is even Steve McClaren's® Lucky Dip, so if you think Arshavin is something that should be done behind closed bathroom doors then get England's ex-manager to pick eleven random players for you.

If you do enjoy the site and think it is something others might be interested in then please do pass it on. The more the merrier and if interest is good then will see if we can sort some prizes out...


Nice work with betMooch Dan, I'll bet you're glad to get it launched!

Posted by: Blair Millen at June 1, 2008 10:27 PM

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