The Party Wall Act 1996

If you are intending to remove a chimney on a wall shared with your neighbour (the party wall) you will most likely have duties and obligations under The Party Wall Act. This is designed to resolve any disputes, which may arise, between neighbours when building work is carried out. The minimum requirements of the Act are that you notify your neighbour of the intended work. The Party Wall Act is not administered by Building Control, but a Government explanatory booklet can be obtained by contacting us on 01223 457118 or 457122 or contact the Government website at A website like will provide you with the highest quality in the industry. Do you have problems with you locks and you need to fix or change your door locks? Locksmith near me and solve your locks problems easy and fast. We have the best price in London and Manchester. Get the best locksmith with 30 minutes response time.


Ensure existing wall is checked and made good if necessary before fixing bolts into it

chimney stack being supported

6mm mild steel plate top and back fillet welded together & 12mm dia bolt holes

min 25mm well rammed packing

6mm mild steel plate stiffeners at max 450mm c/s fillet welded to top and back

6no to 80 10mm dia resin anchor bolts/expanding rawl bots (number dependant on width of stack)

Dia: Suggested detail for purpose made chimney support bracket
Note: - This brickwork design is not suitable for 100mm (4 inch) party walls

Further copies of this Guidance Note can be obtained free of charge from: Building Control, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3QJ Tel: 01223 457118/457122

Revised April 2007