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Building Regulations require that buildings remain structurally stable after alterations have been carried out on them. In most instances the removal of part of a chimney stack will require Building Regulation approval and work will need to be done to ensure the remaining part of the stack is properly supported. Below are some examples of possible solutions. If in doubt as to which is most appropriate, check with Building Control. Tel: 01223 457118 or 457122.

NOTE: Some chimneys act as a buttress and provide support to long walls. Please check with Building Control or a structural engineer, before proceeding, to determine if this is the case.

Guide Solutions

Simple steel beam

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Purpose made support bracket

(See diagram below)

Triple and large chimney stacks

In situations where there are more than two flues, advice should be sought from a structural engineer to obtain a designed solution. The diagram over the page should not be relied upon.

Unacceptable Solutions

Timber beams

Timber supports should never be used since the long term performance characteristics of timber (structure/deterioration/fire) cannot be guaranteed.

Corbelled brickwork

Corbelling into existing brickwork should not be attempted as it will not be possible to gain a sufficiently strong bond between the new and existing brickwork unless a significant amount of the brickwork can be re-built.

The Party Wall Act 1996

If you are intending to remove a chimney on a wall shared with your neighbour (the party wall) you will most likely have duties and obligations under The Party Wall Act. This is designed to resolve any disputes, which may arise, between neighbours when building work is carried out. The minimum requirements of the Act are that you notify your neighbour of the intended work. The Party Wall Act is not administered by Building Control, but a Government explanatory booklet can be obtained by contacting us on 01223 457118 or 457122 or contact the Government website at


Ensure existing wall is checked and made good if necessary before fixing bolts into it

Suggested detail for purpose made chimney support bracket

Dia: Suggested detail for purpose made chimney support bracket

Note: - This brickwork design is not suitable for 100mm (4 inch) party walls

Further copies of this Guidance Note can be obtained free of charge from: Building Control, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3QJ Tel: 01223 457118/457122

Revised April 2007

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