The Clackmannanshire Development Plan

March / April 2007 Consultation Notes

The Clackmannanshire and Stirling Structure Plan - Third Alteration - "T owards 2025" Consultative Draft

The Clackmannanshire Local Plan - Issues Stage


Note 1

What is the Development Plan?

Every local authority must prepare and keep up to date a Development Plan for their area. The Development Plan provides explanation on how the Council, as the planning authority, proposes to deal with the development and use of land in its area. This includes for the conservation, improvement and protection of the physical environment and the management of traffic and transportation matters to ensure a long term sustainable future for both the people in the area and the natural and built environment.

The Development Plan is currently in two parts:

There is a legal requirement for the Council to keep the Plan under review and examine matters relating to the planning of development of the area, or parts of it, to keep it relevant

The Structure Plan:

The Structure Plan provides the strategic framework for the development and use of land. The current Structure Plan therefore considers the requirements in planning for development in Clackmannanshire and Stirling Council areas to 2017 in a strategic way e.g. the Structure Plan will identify the amount of homes required and the general location.

Recent changes to national policy and newly published population and household figures means that the current Structure Plan no longer provides the necessary framework to the required timescale.This means that an Alteration is required to keep it up to date and relevant.

The Local Plan:

The Clackmannanshire Local Plan covers the whole of the Council area. The Local Plan must generally conform with the Structure Plan for the area and allocates what sites and precise areas of land are considered appropriate for development in the 5 to 10 year horizon. It is therefore appropriate to review part of the Local Plan as it may be affected by the Structure Plan alteration. e.g. a Local plan will identify specific sites for new homes and the requirements related to their development.

The need for review / consultation for change:

Public consultation was carried out during 2006 at the Issues stage of a proposed Third Alteration to the Structure Plan that will mainly plan for the housing requirement to 2025. The strategic options in the Third Alteration have now been drafted and your views are now being sought. The Council also seeks to acknowledge and understand any related Key Issues for an associated Alteration to the Local Plan and so views are being sought simultaneously in this instance. The issues for each are to be considered distinctly and separately and Notes 3 and 4 provide information and guidance.

You are invited to comment or object on either Plan or both as you think fit. Please, however, relay your views and comments such that it is clear to which Plan they relate. This is not a full review of the Development Plan but rather an Alteration for mainly the housing land requirement to keep the Development Plan relevant.

Note 2

Why, How and When to get Involved

Why get involved:

The Development Plan seeks to ensure that all development is in the wider public interest. This is the formal opportunity for you to have your say in how your town, village and area could change over the next 12 years and more. Additional land for housing and employment needs to be allocated and your views can be valuable. Please don't wait until a planning application is made for land next door to you or indeed until houses or new employment sites are being built before responding.

The Clackmannanshire and Stirling Structure Plan, Consultative Draft Third Alteration is now available for you to study and provide your views on it. It provides explanation on suggested changes to the Plan to accommodate more growth in both Clackmannanshire and Stirling. A brief summary of the key considerations is included in Note 3 below, as part of this consultation. Further details are also available in the Councils' web sites www. and and at the Council offices during normal hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The Clackmannanshire Local Plan, Alteration 1.

Clackmannanshire Council is also consulting with the public on the key issues that ought now to be considered for any changes to the Local Plan. It is suggested they relate mainly to housing land supply, allocation of land for employment, and other updates required to ensure the Plan continues to be relevant and up to date and to generally conform with the Structure Plan e.g. where people can live, new road and traffic policies and proposals, adjustment of the approach to rural development, for a planned approach to regeneration needs, and to ensure environment policies are relevant; among other issues.

How to get involved

You are invited to either come along to any of the venues listed below; you may respond in writing to the Development and Environmental Services, Julie Hamilton, Strategy and Support Manager, Development and Environmental Services, Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa FK10 1EB. within the prescribed period; and / or provide response electronically via e-mail or from our web site within the prescribed period given in the Press Notices i.e. up to Friday 9th March 2007. You can respond or have direct input by attending the drop-in sessions that are scheduled below. You can relate to either the Structure or Local Plan changes or both in this programme, and information for each is given in this consultation pack for your convenience.

When you can be involved

You can get involved by providing written submissions during the consultation period from 9th March to Friday 4th May 2007 and / or by attending any of the events below.

Venue Date Time
Alloa Town Hall, Tommy Downs Room Saturday 10th March 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
Dollar Civic Centre Saturday 17th March 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
Sauchie Hall Saturday 24th March 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
Tullibody Civic Centre Saturday 31st March 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
Clackmannan Town Hall Saturday 7th April 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
Menstrie Scout Hall Saturday 14th April 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
Devonvale Hall, Tillicoultry Saturday 21st April 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm
The Cochrane Hall, Alva Saturday 28th April 2007 10.00am to 12.30pm

In addition to the above there will also be drop in events held every Tuesday evening from 6.00pm to 8.00pm at the following venues on the following dates:

Greenfield, Alloa:


For further information please contact Graeme or Ronnie by e-mail and or

Telephone 01259 452643 and 01259 452613 respectively at any time. You can also source all the relevant information on the proposed changes and contexts for the Development Plan from our web site

Note 3

Clackmannanshire and Stirling Structure Plan Third Alteration

What is the Structure Plan, and why does it need altered?

The Structure Plan presents a long-term development plan for a strategic area, in this case the Council areas of Clackmannanshire and Stirling. It outlines a general strategy and identifies specific policies and proposals to try to achieve the aims of the strategy. Many of these will be implemented through other plans and programmes prepared by the Council and other agencies.

The Structure Plan takes into account projected trends in areas such as population, housing, economic development, etc. and adopts a strategy to either accommodate these trends, or to try to influence them.

One of the main reasons that an Alteration is required just now is that projections for population have shown a decreasing and ageing population forecast in Clackmannanshire. Additionally, new national guidance has been produced since the Structure Plan was approved and the Plan requires to be updated to reflect this.

So what is it trying to achieve?

The Plan's strategy of "Working Towards Sustainable Development" remains based on the four key themes of:

The Council also wishes to address this projected decline and encourage growth, investment and regeneration in the area by encouraging population and economic growth in order to stem, and hopefully reverse, this projected decline. This growth, however, must be achieved in as sustainable a way as is practical.

What does this mean for Clackmannanshire?

Sustainable growth will impact on a wide range of land uses and infrastructure, although primarily growth will focus on encouraging housebuilding and job creation.

In pursuing these aims, the strategy will be assisted by infrastructure improvements implemented through the current development plan such as the re-opening of the Stirling - Alloa - Kincardine rail link, with passenger services from Alloa to Stirling and beyond, and other improvements such as the construction of the Upper Forth Crossing.

The draft Alteration therefore sets out proposals for 2250 more houses in Clackmannanshire up to 2025. It should be noted that many of these houses will be built on areas already defined in the Local Plan, (white land) as well as on brownfield sites which have previously been developed. This level of growth would still represent an overall reduction in the number of annual housing completions which have been achieved in recent years.

It is recognised, however, that some settlements may not be suitable for expansion, either due to physical, environmental or landscape constraints. When such expansion is not considered to be desirable in terms of the constraints listed above, it can be necessary to look elsewhere and concentrate growth in an entirely new area. This would protect greenfield areas on the edges of settlements and concentrate development in one location where it can be properly planned, landscaped and integrated with the surrounding area.

The Alteration identifies such an area of search in Eastern Clackmannanshire where development would take advantage of improved accessibility from the Upper Forth Crossing and be supported by the development of employment land at Castlebridge and Kilbagie.

Recent changes to national guidance also means that the Structure Plan Alteration includes consequential changes on rural development, waste, minerals and opencast coal.

Other documents produced as part of the Structure Plan Alteration process include an Environment Report, which addresses the sustainability issues, a Background Report, which sets out the information and research upon which the detailed policies and proposals of the Alteration are based, and an Urban Capacity Study, which highlights the potential contribution of brownfield sites.

The Structure Plan Alteration was approved for consultation at the meeting of Clackmannanshire Council on 15th February 2007. An amendment was proposed covering the points below. While this amendment was not approved, it raises some areas for consideration at this Consultative stage of the Plan. The page and policy references in brackets refer to the Structure Plan Alteration document as follows:

What if I want to get involved or find out more?

The Council are undertaking a round of meetings and surgeries throughout March and April 2007 to discuss the Structure Plan Alteration and the Local Plan issues, details of which can be found in Note 2.

Although the Structure Plan is only an Alteration, and does not cover every aspect of the Plan, we would like your views on the main changes in the Plan:

Comments on any of the documents, or indeed any issues which may have been omitted from them, are encouraged.

What happens next?

Following the consultation exercise, the Council will prepare and approve a Finalised Draft Structure Plan Alteration, which will be submitted to Scottish Ministers. There will then be a period for formal objection, during which time objections should be made directly to the Scottish Executive. These will be considered and the Scottish Ministers may issue draft modifications for discussion, before finally approving the Structure Plan Alteration.

Proposed Timescales:

Note 4

Local Plan Alteration

Although the Clackmannanshire Local Plan was adopted as late as December 2004 there have been material changes to the overall context for planning in Clackmannanshire since its preparation and Note 3 of this information pack indicates the context for change in the Structure Plan area:-

The Local Plan must generally conform with the Structure Plan for the area and so it falls that the Clackmannanshire Local Plan should be updated through an Alteration. The direction of strategy for population and household growth requires the Local Plan to allocate land for development that adequately meets the strategy in the Structure Plan. In allocating land for housing and for local employment land the Local Plan must also seek to ensure that all aspects of policy can be implemented according to best practice. This means some other and related aspects of policy updates are required.

The Local Plan Alteration 1 is therefore likely to include policy update on the following:

  1. Housing land
  2. Local Employment land
  3. Transportation
  4. Minerals and Waste
  5. Renewables
  6. Environment

1. Do you think that the changes in Alteration 1 should be focused on the above only? Are there any other areas of policy that should be considered?

Timetable for Local Plan Alteration (preliminary outline)

The Local Plan must generally comply with the Structure Plan for the area. It cannot be adopted until the Structure Plan has been approved.

Note 4a

Local Plan Alteration - Housing Issues

The Structure Plan, Third Alteration focuses principally on housing growth. It is for the Local Plan to allocate sites for development to:


National planning policy and guidance requires every local authority to have a five year supply of land for housing at all times. The Structure Plan Third Alteration, indicates that Clackmannanshire is required to plan for up to another 2250 new homes for period to 2025. To achieve this target of growth it is proposed that the Local Plan pursues the following:

The "vision" of the current Development Plan is proposed to continue.

Promoting choice and supply:

There are contrasting issues facing Clackmannanshire. There is currently a growing demand for people to live in Clackmannanshire but we have a trend for population decline to 2024. It is an aging population with for example the number of people aged 65 to 74 expected to increase by 43 % and a projected decrease in the numbers of younger people e.g. aged 0 to 15 to decline by 16%; 16 to 29 yr olds to decline by 8% and 30 to 49 yr olds to decline by 24%.

The majority of people now live in owner/occupied homes and house prices in Clackmannanshire are continuing to rise significantly compared to other areas. The issue of affordability of housing is increasingly important

2. Do you agree that it is important to provide affordable homes in Clackmannanshire and to adequately meet housing needs to 2025?

There is growing pressure also for new homes in the Clackmannanshire countryside. Revised national planning policy, SPP15 - Planning for Rural Development, acknowledges the continuing role of the Development Plan in guiding appropriate development. The proposed Structure Plan Alteration maintains a fairly restrictive policy approach.

Promoting high quality standards and sustainable development solutions:

National policy requires improved quality for all types of housing and for improved living environments for all types of housing so it is necessary to update the Local Plan's policy framework to cater for related aims. Better quality in that the area can provide for :

Clackmannanshire Council has started to examine how current planning policy and implementation might be improved for better quality in development. This partial review of the Local Plan is a timely opportunity for new approaches. The Council is working jointly with a private developer on a major town expansion area in Alloa NW and aims to provide a model in planning practice that can be rolled out across the county. The Council is also seeking agreement that a Masterplan for the Bowmar Regeneration Area, Alloa can serve as a good example in improved development solutions in area regeneration. A new sustainable design and construction policy is to be formulated in the Local Plan Alteration and with new related guidance and requirements for developers.

3. What relevant key issues would you raise generally about living in Clackmannanshire to 2025 e.g. location, quality, access, size, space standards, and house types?

4. Do you agree that Clackmannanshire should adopt an improved way for securing sustainable development solutions?

Note 4b

Local Plan Alteration - Jobs

Strategic Employment sites:

The Development Plan for the area must allocate sites to help secure continued employment and availability of a range and choice of economic development land. Clackmannanshire has an adequate supply of strategic employment sites with land available for development at each location in Clackmannanshire:

Local employment sites:

While there is currently an ample supply of strategic employment land in Clackmannanshire there may be an issue for supply of local sites in certain locations. There are local employment sites within each settlement in the Structure Plan Core Area but survey suggests that perhaps many firms are experiencing difficulty because of the limited scope for expansion on site. This Alteration should perhaps evaluate any other land that might be required to cater for any identifiable demand for different sizes and types of sites and premises for local employment activity.

5. Do we need more local employment sites and land ? What kind of sites should the Local Plan allocate for local employment opportunity?

6. Do the current sites within the Local Plan cater adequately for local business needs to the longer term?

The Business Property Review, 2006:

The Clackmannanshire Business Property Review, December 2006, by Roger Tym and Partners, indicates that future job growth is expected to come from banking, insurance, and other business services, communications, distribution and storage, as well as paper printing and publishing, hi-tech, niche, and other manufacturing. Business property should be designed accordingly to meet the likely needs of these industries e.g. high specification offices, industrial space, warehousing and production units of variable size. This requires to be flexible to cater for future demands and for expansion of existing industries. Survey work clarifies that existing companies find it difficult to expand due to limited availability and flexibility of space within established business (industrial) areas. There is demand for small business facilities and properties.

7. Do you think the Local Plan should generally safeguard the continued use of existing business sites rather than them being developed for other uses?

8. Are there any existing business locations that would better be developed for other uses?

Note 4c

Local Plan Alteration - Environment

While the Structure Plan and Local Plan Alterations are mainly to be in response to changing demographics for the entire area, the housing led strategy requires to be accompanied by updates on environmental policy in order to keep the Plan adequately robust. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be prepared with the Local Plan Alteration and will consider and explain any implications for impact on the environment in so far as the general direction the Plan might seek to promote.

A significant amount of new and revised national policy has been provided since the current Local Plan was prepared and this includes guidance on planning for:

9. Are there areas that you consider require new or improved policy to protect and enhance the physical environment in Clackmannanshire that are not already or adequately covered?

10. The importance of a planned approach to development in the countryside is acknowledged and promoted in national guidance. Do you agree the Local Plan should continue its general thrust of constraint on development in Clackmannanshire's countryside?

Green Belt:

The existing Green Belt areas are defined in the current Local Plan, 2004. Its boundaries were defined in a dedicated piece of study and designed to protect the attractive landscape setting of our towns. This form of protection is an important and key contributory feature to the attraction of Clackmannanshire as a place to live. There is no anticipated need for the current Green Belt boundaries to be significantly changed.

Note 4d

Local Plan Alteration - Transportation

While the Alteration to the Local Plan is mainly focused on Homes and Jobs, it is necessary to consider some key underlying principles in policy for traffic and travel in Clackmannanshire since any changes to where people live and where they work has fundamental implications for travel and transport. Also, policy has been somewhat refined since preparation of the current Local Plan, especially in terms of promoting more sustainable modes of travel not only as an option but more out of necessity to safeguard the future. While the current Development Plan has played a key role in securing key improvements to the transportation network it would benefit from being updated and to better focus on the priorities to the longer term to 2025.

The Council has prepared a Draft Local Transport Strategy, 2006 that was open to public consultation and the strategy is available in . It promotes improved accessibility throughout the area for walking, cycling and other sustainable travel while generally requiring policy to promote an overall reduction in the need to travel as far as practicable, with increased and improved standards of accessibility and safety for people in their residential neighbourhoods, to places of work, to leisure facilities and places for public services and other services e.g. to the town centre, shops, doctors, nursery, school etc. and to reduce the overall level of use of the motor car.

11. What are your priorities for travel in Clackmannanshire?

12. Do you think that increased use of public transport as a real option is important?

13. How do you think the Council can better provide for people friendly residential neighbourhoods, easy access to services and shops, leisure facilities, civic centres, and health care?

Note 4e

Local Plan Alteration - Minerals and Waste Management


Planning considerations for the working of minerals is being updated in the Structure Plan to reflect most recent national policy. Please refer to the Structure Plan Third Alteration for further details, pages 20 to 24. This means the Local Plan should revise existing policy and guidance.

14. Do you have any specific issue to raise about working minerals in Clackmannanshire?

Waste Management

The Structure Plan Consultative Draft Third Alteration, indicates that an updated approach to waste management is required mainly to ensure that planning policy supports the National Waste Plan, 2003 and the Forth Valley Area Waste Plan, 2003. The Local Plan requires to be updated and this essentially means policy will be revised and updated in accord with the "waste hierarchy" given in the Structure Plan:

Further details are given in the proposed Third Alteration, pages 24 to 25.

15. Do you agree that Clackmannanshire should continue to promote the waste hierarchy with revised policies?

Note 4f

Local Plan Alteration - Renewables

National policy on renewable energy requires that new developments should make a direct contribution to reducing emissions of 'greenhouse gases' by incorporating an appropriate mix of fuel efficiency measures and on-site renewable energy generation. National advice also contains guidance on the available technologies and their incorporation into new developments.

The existing Local Plan pre-dates latest national policy and requires to be updated in accord with the Structure Plan. There is considerable overlap between Environment, Homes and Jobs in this respect and Clackmannanshire Council is currently working on model cases for new and revised policy for sustainable development solutions, particularly in new housing areas.

16. Do you agree that Clackmannanshire should explore opportunities for improved forms of development that are energy efficient and can provide quality environments that do not entail unacceptable and irreversible depletion of resources?

Note 5

Local Plan Alteration - Issues for the Tullibody - Alloa Corridor

(Alloa, Sauchie including Fishcross and Devon Village, Tullibody including Cambus and Glenochil, Clackmannan)

Alloa / Sauchie

Housing :

The Urban Capacity Study indicates the Alloa area can provide for an additional 600 new homes on brownfield sites within the existing urban area. There is also scope to develop land within existing growth areas on land not yet specifically allocated (white land) for 760 additional homes comprising:

This total provision of an additional 1360 new homes to 2025 would mean the existing settlement area was fully developed to its current boundary. There will likely be capacity for some sites to come forward for development that are not known at this stage. Such "windfall" is not part of the planned provision for new homes.

The Council is looking to the Alloa NW town expansion area to serve as a model of best practise for the planning system to achieve quality homes that make efficient use of resources.

17. In your opinion what sites should be developed for housing in the Alloa and Sauchie areas?

18. Do you consider any of the locations suggested above are not suitable and if so why not?

19. What is your view on how these areas of land can be developed e.g. accessibility, landscape value, density, house types, sizes etc.?


Alloa is the county town and main centre for shopping. There is a growing diversity in land uses within the town centre with its functions as a civic centre, for local authority services, and other uses such as recreation and leisure pursuits, and as a place to live. The Alloa town centre is changing with the retail offer expanding in recent years and major redevelopment is on-going. Most recent national policy and guidance stresses that town centres should provide a range of activities or land uses that can promote the vibrancy, vitality and viability of centres. The Alloa town centre was extended under the current Local Plan. A related Masterplan has been prepared which proposes a longer term vision for Alloa and information will be available at the consultation events.

Main Street, Sauchie has recently been improved with refurbished shop fronts and all units now occupied.

Employment land:

Alloa West Business Park is a strategic employment site and there is significant scope for further development there. For further details contact: CSBP Clackmannanshire Developments Limited - Maureen Todhunter 01259 452622. There is growing pressure for the smaller existing business sites within the area to be developed for alternative uses, often for housing. However, analysis of the business market and current supply indicates there is a need for smaller type sites and premises for local business and a need for some of these existing businesses to expand. (or at least to have the room to expand on site)

The process of local economic restructuring is partly reflected by evidence of brownfield sites, both those formerly used for business purposes and those currently used for business or industry, coming under increasing pressure for other forms of development. This Alteration will seek to ensure a proper balance is struck between any sites that can change to other uses and those that must be safeguarded and enhanced so there is adequate business land supply for the longer term sustainability of the County.

20. Which sites should be retained for industry or business and which ones could change in the Alloa area?

21. Are there any new opportunity sites that ought to be allocated for local industry?


The Alloa urban area lies on the north bank of the River Forth and has an attractive small town character. It is a small town, and former Scottish Burgh, that is now experiencing considerable change with the transportation network being improved and extended and the built fabric experiencing aspects of renewal and refurbishment.

Alloa has a quality built heritage with the Old Alloa Conservation Area and Townscape Heritage Initiative achieving significant enhancement to the historic and built fabric. The Alloa Glebe conservation area serves as a good local example in quality domestic architecture and there are several national monuments.

The Alloa town centre and these historic areas are augmented by quality provision of public spaces with civic spaces old and new, and parks and gardens of high quality and importance for the local people. The Council has prepared a draft Open Space Strategy and the key consideration for Alloa is to duly protect and enhance existing public open spaces, civic spaces, trees and woodlands in and around town, and to provide adequately for recreational and open space needs to the future.

The Tullygarth centre at Lornshill serves as a district sports facility and the Alloa Leisure Bowl is a key indoor facility. There are other local indoor and outdoor venues, notably local schools and community halls that can provide for some community uses and this will be an integral part of the Masterplanning of these areas. The Local Plan Alteration will, through joint working, seek to provide adequately for the longer term needs for amenity, recreation and leisure.

22. Does the Alloa area adequately provide for the community's needs for recreation and leisure ? Are there any sites you consider warrant special attention that are not adequately covered in the existing Plan?

23. Do you agree with the plans to open up public access to the River Forth as far as practicable e.g. The Shore, Alloa?


Alloa is soon to have a new passenger railway station in the town centre and with a rail freight line through the county to Fife. The railway project includes the construction of a new eastern link road in Alloa. The new River Forth crossing at Kincardine is due for completion late next year.

The Clackmannanshire Local Transportation Strategy, draft, is available in uk and promotes more sustainable forms of travel, reduction in the need to travel and an overall reduction in use of the private car.

24. What are your key issues for travel and accessibility in Alloa in the longer term?

25. Do you support a policy approach that will make residential neighbourhoods more pedestrian and cycling friendly?


This Local Plan Alteration does not anticipate significant changes for Clackmannan. It is a fairly tightly defined urban boundary due to existing physical constraints, mainly related to the landscape setting of the settlement The Structure Plan states that further development outwith the existing settlement will not be favoured.


The existing land allocation for the Riccarton area and those at Marquis Drive and Alloa Road are being developed.

26. Do you think there are any further sites that should be considered for development?


It is not considered that the Local Plan Alteration will propose any new sites in Clackmannan itself (there are nearby strategic sites at Kilbagie and Castlebridge)


Clackmannan is in close proximity to the new Forth Crossing at Kincardine and the Stirling - Alloa - Kincardine railway will transport freight through the town. Clackmannan has an area safeguarded for a platform for rail passengers. This might be a key opportunity for the town in the longer term. The national cycle route passes by the town and there are plans to ensure the town's built and historic heritage and local services are promoted to cyclists and tourists.

There is concern about the car parking for visitors to the Clackmannan Tower.

Consultants have undertaken, on behalf of the Council, an environmental audit of the commercial centre and following input from the Community Council will finalise or refer to the Council on measures to improve the environmental quality and functioning of the area.

27. Do you have any issues or views about any new development or provision of facilities in the Clackmannan area?

Tullibody and Cambus


The existing Local Plan allocated a significant amount of land for new housing and most of the sites have been developed. There are, however, one or two smaller sites in Tullibody and Cambus still available for development, notably the former Tannery site at Alloa Road. It will take a few years for the landscape planting in the new housing areas to mature and provide added character and quality setting.

It is not anticipated, at this stage, that any new land allocations for housing in Tullibody and Cambus will be required. The Structure Plan Alteration states that further development outwith the existing settlement boundary of Tullibody will not be favoured.


Dumyat Park is a strategic employment site and there is a considerable area of land yet to be developed there. For further details please contact Maureen Todhunter, CSBP Clackmannanshire Developments Limited. 01259 452622.

It is not anticipated at this stage that any new employment land will be required.

28. Do you have any issues or views about any new development or provision of facilities in the Tullibody and Cambus area?

Note 6

Local Plan Alteration - Clackmannanshire Eastern Growth Area

The Structure Plan proposes a new / expanded settlement in Eastern Clackmannanshire.

Within the area identified as the 'Clackmannanshire Eastern Growth Area' in the Structure Plan the Council will identify, through an Alteration to the Local Plan, the precise location of the proposed Growth Area and the land required. It is envisaged that the total number of houses will be around 1000-1500. This scale will ensure that the development is as self-contained as possible, providing local education, community services and commercial leisure facilities close to housing and thereby minimising the need to travel. A Masterplan and/or related development guidance will be prepared in association with landowners, developers, the local community and key agencies. This will include details of delivery mechanisms and legal agreements to secure funding and necessary phasing. In the selection of a Local Plan site, Masterplanning and implementation, the Council will be guided by a number of key principles including

29. What kind of settlement do you consider it should be?

30. Do you think it should be developed so it can provide for a quality "leisure and energy conservation village?

31. Would you add any other requirements for its development? If so, what?

32. The development of a major growth point in Eastern Clackmannanshire will provide opportunity to enhance the quality of the natural landscape in the area. Do you agree and how could landscape enhancement be achieved?

Note 7

Local Plan Alteration 1 - Hillfoots Corridor

(Menstrie, Alva, Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside)



The village of Menstrie has expanded significantly in recent times. Most developable land has been exhausted although there is an area of "white land" in Menstrie Mains (east). The area is prone to flooding in parts and care must be taken to ensure the precautionary policy approach is continued.

It is not envisaged there is will be a need to allocate land for more housing beyond that already planned for. A revised Masterplan applies to Menstrie Mains and has an improved structure for open spaces there.

The Structure Plan states that further development outwith the existing settlement boundary will not be favoured.


The Glenochil Yeast factory and business is a major employer and land is allocated in the current Local Plan for expansion, as required.

33. Do you have any issues or views about any new development or provision of facilities in the Menstrie area?


The Structure Plan considers the existing urban limit for Alva, as shown in the existing Local Plan, to be the reasonable extent to which the town could expand due to rather strict physical constraints such as flooding patterns, existing Green Belt and the Ochil Hills escarpment and Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV). The Structure Plan Alteration states that further development outwith the settlement boundary will not be favoured.

There are currently redevelopment options available for new housing at Brook Street (former Stephen Clarke Pressings) and the sites related to the Secondary School PPP project at East Stirling Street that has planning permission. When the school is relocated this will make the existing site at Park Street / Beauclerc Street available for redevelopment.

Consultants have undertaken, on behalf of the Council, an environmental audit of the commercial centre and following input from the Community will finalise and refer to the Council on measures to improve the environmental quality and functioning of the area.

34. Do you have any issues or views about any new development or provision of facilities in the Alva area?

Tillicoultry and Coalsnaughton


There are existing sites allocated for development including an expansion area in Coalsnaughton. This Alteration does not anticipate further development opportunities being identified. The focus is on the existing allocations for housing although recent flood risk data and information is currently being considered in relation to sites that are already allocated for development.


The Structure Plan promotes extension to the Sterling Mills and this can be accommodated within the boundary shown in the existing Local Plan.

35. Do you have any issues or views about any new development or provision of facilities in the Tillicoultry area?

Note 8

Local Plan Alteration - Rural Villages

The Structure Plan Alteration refers to the Rural Villages Area (as amended) as follows:

Clackmannanshire - Dollar and Muckhart

The Structure Plan states that further development outwith the existing settelement boundaries will not be favoured, unless exceptionally in Dollar to enable community development where there is an identified need and development is limited to the minimum required, or it is in accordance with rural policies.

36. Do you have any issues or views about any new development or provision of facilities in the area?

Consultants have undertaken, on behalf of the Council, an environmental audit of the commercial centre and following input from the Community Council will finalise and refer to the Council on measures to improve the environmental quality and functioning of the area.

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