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revish - read, review, share (external link)As hinted at recently, I'm currently working on a new book-related website as a purely personal project. It's only been in development for a week or two, but the idea has been around since this year's @media, after a particularly good discussion over pizza with Blair (external link), Jim (external link) and Karl (external link), and I've been making notes and spending a good bit of time doing research and refining the idea ever since.

It's now got a name, revish, and a fairly stable planned feature set. It's going to be launched in two parts - part one in early 2007 will be a fully-featured review site. Anyone who wants to can sign up as a reviewer and give the world their opinion on their favourite (and not so favourite) books. Without giving too much away there's a lot more to it than that, and I'm hoping that people will get value from signing up even if they aren't going to post reviews themselves. Part two is still under wraps.

It's been really nice working on something totally unrelated to my day job, or web accessibility, dipping my toes into APIs (using and writing), XML (PHP 5 rocks) and DOM Scripting. I'm not going to post much more about it here - there will be a dedicated revish development blog launched in the next few weeks where I'll post a lot of technical detail and an insight into some design decisions - so if you're interested in learning more, staying up to date with progress and having the opportunity to help out with testing, please register your interest at the revish site (external link).


What kinds of books will you be reviewing?

Posted by: Shel Horowitz at March 2, 2007 5:25 PM

Hi Shel. Our members can review any books they wish, there are no exclusions at all.

Posted by: Dan at March 2, 2007 5:29 PM

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