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August 13, 2007

Speaking at Techshare 2007

@ 8:36 PM

I was extremely chuffed today to receive confirmation that I'll be speaking at this year's Techshare conference in October in London. The Techshare conference is organised by the RNIB and "highlights the role of technology in the everyday life of people with disabilities, looking not just at the web but also software, mobiles, standards, compliance and much more." Lots more info at the Techshare site (external link).

There was a danger, I feared, that the paper I proposed might prove to be a bit contentious - "Government web accessibility policy - advocacy vs. militancy" - but fortunately the committee deemed it appropriate, so roll on 5th October.

Real World Accessibility London

@ 8:02 PM

We had a re-run of our Real World Accessibility event last week, this time at the Barbican in London. The day went off extremely well, and the feedback has been excellent.

The presentations are available to download from the Public Sector Forums site (external link). Also worth a mention are Pat Lauke's photos of the event (external link).

For those of you who attended here are links to some of the resources that were mentioned during the day's proceedings, if I've missed anything please let me know and I'll add them:

In a slight departure from the Birmingham event we set aside 30 minutes for exhibitor presentations, and an hour before lunch to discuss the possibility of forming a public sector web management group.

This latter idea has been met with a generally positive response, and a forum's been setup at (external link) to facilitate discussions at this very early stage. If you're involved in the web in the UK public sector in any way at all please drop by, register and let us know what you think.