Yakety Yak time to talk back!

This is a quick plug for a friend's new business based in Edinburgh.

Fiona Gomes is the name of the friend in question and she has been talking about starting The Yakety Yak Laguage Cafe in Edinburgh for a while; and now she's up and running.

The idea is perfect - don't learn to speak Franch or Spanish in some old polytechnic on a cold Wednesday night in February. Learn over a good cup of coffee and set your own agenda or just go with the flow...

The fees look very good to me and to prove it I'm going to be booking in on some dates in anticipation of our holiday to France (and excitingly the Tour de France) this summer.

I think it's a fabulous idea and I wish Fiona the very best of luck.

J'espere vous rencontrer a une classe bientot! (thanks Google translate..)

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